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Project Case

Metal Keypad with Display Used for Outdoor Parcel Locker for Finland Posti 2021

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Author : Kevin Deng
Update time : 2024-02-22 14:54:43
Metal Keypad with Display Used for Outdoor Parcel Locker for Finland Posti 2021
This article introduces how DAVO assisted the client, Posti in Finland, in developing a special keypad for the successful deployment of Parcel Lockers across the Nordic countries. The keypad is required to withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius, feature a display showing multiple languages such as English, Swedish, Finnish, etc., and meet low-power consumption requirements.

Table of Content
1. Basic Situation
2. Local climate conditions
3. Customer Demand Analysis
4. Customer Pain Point
5. DAVO Product Solutions 
6. Project Completion
7. Review and Summary
8. Client's Testimonial

Basic Situation
Posti is one of the leading delivery and fulfillment companies in Finland, Sweden and Baltics. They tend to the smoothness of our customers'
everyday lives and business by offering a wide range of postal, logistics, freight, and eCommerce services.

In 2021, Posti announced an investment exceeding EUR 100 million to enhance parcel and e-commerce operations, along with the distribution
network. Among the key development initiatives, expanding Parcel Locker capacity takes precedence. Presently, Posti boasts 2,200 Parcel Lockers
with over 130,000 individual compartments. A significant surge in capacity is anticipated, with approximately 10-15 new Parcel Lockers and
hundreds of additional lockers expected weekly.

Finns exhibit a strong affinity for Parcel Lockers, considering them favored destinations for parcel reception. The recently introduced outdoor
Parcel Lockers operate 24/7, seamlessly extending Posti's successful Parcel Locker narrative. These lockers will be strategically positioned in
collaboration with retail partners and other public spaces along diverse shopping routes, according to Heiko Laubach, overseeing Posti's service
point network.

Local climate conditions

Finland is situated in Northern Europe on the northern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula. During winter, the region is frequently influenced
by polar air masses, resulting in a rapid drop in temperatures. At times, temperatures can plummet to minus 40 degrees Celsius or even lower,
posing a significant challenge for any electronic products.

Customer Demand Analysis
The client is planning to deploy an initial batch of approximately 1000 Parcel Lockers in Finland and surrounding countries. These lockers require
the installation of a robust and durable keypad, complete with a display for enhanced functionality.

After receiving the customers inquiry, we carefully analyzed the demand,
Product Requirement: Metal Keypad
Keypad Application: Parcel Locker
Equipment Usage Regions: Finland, Sweden, Norway
Quantity: Approximately 1000 sets

Customer Pain Point
1. The keypad must be robust and durable, resistant to vandalism.
2. All components of the keypad, including the display screen and wiring, must meet the -40-degree low-temperature standard.
3. The storage locker operates at 3V, and under this low voltage, it is crucial to ensure sufficient brightness for both the keypad and display
screen backlight.

4. Keypad power consumption should be less than 80mA. To save power, the keypad needs to have sleep and wake-up functionality.
5. The display text should support three languages: Finnish, Swedish, and English, allowing for seamless and unaffected switching between

DAVO Product Solutions 
1. The keyboard shell and keys are constructed using 304 stainless steel, providing robust durability and serving as a deterrent against vandalism.
2. The internal components of the keyboard feature waterproof silicone and PCB coated with a three-proof paint, ensuring an IP65 waterproof rating.
3. We utilize a high-quality OLED display instead of a regular LCD display. OLED is more resilient to low temperatures and supports the display of multiple languages.
4. The main chip operates on a 3V low-voltage platform, effectively reducing keyboard power consumption.
5. Through firmware adjustments, the keyboard backlight is endowed with sleep and wake-up functionality.
Below are the test report and video demonstrating the keyboard's normal functionality even after enduring a 16-hour -40-degree low-temperature test.
The test results have been highly satisfactory to our customer. Finally, directly confirm the first batch of order contract 215pcs.

Project Completion
The customer received the goods in June 2021 and immediately began installation, successfully ensuring the deployment of Posti's Parcel
Lockers. Currently, these lockers are conveniently serving people in various major cities in Finland.

Review and Summary
The entire project was initiated in January 2021, starting with the debugging of the display instruction set. The customer had previously opted
for some commonly available keypads in the market, but they fell far short of expectations. Consequently, the decision was made to independently
develop a customized keypad. After numerous brainstorming sessions, the product's functionality and prototype were finalized.

Through collaborative communication between electronic and software engineers on both sides, we created a prototype product, underwent
over three rounds of matching modifications and testing, and eventually produced the final product.

The primary challenges of this keypad included its ability to withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius, multilingual display capabilities,
and six sets of instruction sets.

In the end, thanks to the relentless efforts of the team, the project was delivered on schedule. We have since maintained a stable and ongoing
collaboration with this customer.

If you have any requirements for custom keypads, please feel free to contact us to discuss your solutions.
Client's Testimonial
The project was completed within the expected timeframe, and we are exceptionally pleased with the quality of the results. Throughout the
entire project, Kevin demonstrated proactive engagement, swift responsiveness to changes, and a consistent openness to innovative ideas. Our
collaboration with DAVO has been a positive experience, and we would confidently recommend them to any company in need of keypad products.


If you have any suggestions or question for us.Please contact us.
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