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Project Case

Metal Keypad for Urban Outdoor Bicycles and Electric Vehicle Parking Boxes

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Author : Kevin Deng
Update time : 2024-03-02 14:45:37
Metal Keypad for Urban Outdoor Bicycles and Electric Vehicle Parking Boxes
(To protect customer information, certain details in the images have been intentionally obscured in this article.)
This article outlines how DAVO assisted an Italian client Andrea in developing an outdoor waterproof Keypad for use in outdoor bicycle
parking box. The
Keypad specifications included a requirement for waterproofing (IP65 or higher), resistance to damage, and the inclusion of
backlighting, among other features.

Table of Content
1. Basic Situation
2. Customer Demand Analysis
3. Customer Pain Point
4. DAVO Product Solutions 
5. Project Completion
6. Review and Summary
7. Client's Testimonial

Basic Situation
In 2013, ANCMA (National Association of Bicycle and Motorcycle Accessories) and FIAB (Italian Environmental and Bicycle Fedeation) calculated
that out of the 4 million vehicles in circulation at that time, 320,000 cars were stolen annually. For many Italians, the fear of car theft was
significant. Cyclists, in particular, faced the fear of robbery, second only to the fear of accidents.

To date, there is no latest data available on the overall bike theft volume in the country. However, in 2022 alone, Milan reported over 6,000
stolen bikes
a 50% increase from the previous year. During and after the pandemic, Milan initiated the creation of new bike lanes and shared
bicycle programs.

Over the past decade, the landscape of two-wheel transportation has undergone significant changes, especially with the introduction of
electric bikes and scooters (both shared and private). These modes of transportation are now widely used in many cities, and people's
habits have shifted. According to Consumerismo No Profit and dot (Lyme Agency s.r.l.), an estimated 38% of frequent electric scooter
users in Rome are commuting for school or work.

To address the issue of theft and promote the widespread use of electric vehicles, customer Andrea has designed and created an innovative
parking box. This box serves as a secure place for urban dwellers to park their bicycles and other sustainable transportation options, along
with related accessories such as helmets, capes, and bags.

Andrea's secure parking system provides a simple and convenient way to find a safe spot for your bicycle. By accessing the portal or downloading
the application, users can choose and reserve a box closest to the area they need to reach. Upon arrival, simply open the designated box through
the application and leave the vehicle securely. Once the deposit is completed, just close the box and walk away with the confidence that your
vehicle is safe. When you need to retrieve your bicycle, simply open the box again using the application, and collect it along with any items
previously stored. By closing the box and concluding the application usage, the rental counter will be stopped, and the system will continue to
deduct the rent from your wallet's balance.

Customer Demand Analysis
In six cities in northern Italy, multiple boxes have been installed: Bormio (SO) and Cuvio (SO), Livigno (MI), Vimodrone (MI), Sesto San Giovanni,
and Bergamo. These parking boxes necessitate the installation of a sturdy and durable keypad.

Upon receiving the customer's inquiry, we meticulously analyzed the requirements:
Product Requirement: Metal Keypad  
Keypad Application: Outdoor Parking Box  
Equipment Usage Regions: Cities in Northern Italy  
Quantity: Approximately 200 sets
Customer Pain Point
1. The Keypad must be robust, durable, and vandal-resistant.
2. The Keypad will be used outdoors without any rain shelter, requiring a waterproof rating of IP65 or above.
3. The Keypad needs to have backlighting for convenient nighttime operation. However, the backlight should only turn on at a 5V voltage;
if below 5V, the backlight should remain off. Additionally, the backlight power should be supplied by the customer's own motherboard,
not through the Keypad's USB power.

DAVO Product Solutions 
1. The Keypad casing and keys are constructed from 304 stainless steel, while the base plate is made of aluminum, ensuring durability and
resistance against malicious damage.

2. The Keypad incorporates waterproof silicone internally, and the PCB board is coated with a three-proof varnish, guaranteeing an IP65
waterproof rating.

3. The Keypad's backlight has separate positive and negative lines for the customer to connect to their own motherboard, enabling independent
power supply.

The final Keypad has proven to be highly satisfactory for our customer.

Project Completion
In February 2021, the customer received the goods and promptly commenced the installation process, successfully ensuring the deployment
of the parking box. Currently, these parking boxes are efficiently providing secure parking services for the people of Italy.

Review and Summary
The entire project was initiated in January 2021 when the customer discovered us directly through Google search. The overall difficulty of
the project was not substantial, and DAVO promptly provided samples that successfully passed the final tests. With the deployment of the
customer's Parking Boxes in major cities, we have maintained a stable and ongoing collaboration
If you have any requirements for custom Keypads, feel free to contact us to discuss your solutions.

Client's Testimonial
I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding collaboration we've experienced with DAVO, particularly with Kevin, during
our recent project. From the project initiation in January 2021 to the successful deployment of our Parking Boxes in major cities, the entire
journey has been marked by professionalism, efficiency, and exceptional service.

Kevin's dedication and swift response to our inquiries were instrumental in the seamless progress of the project. The samples provided by DAVO
not only met but exceeded our expectations, showcasing the company's commitment to delivering high-quality solutions.

The consistent and stable cooperation we've enjoyed with DAVO has been crucial to the success of our initiative. We look forward to continuing
this positive partnership and exploring further opportunities together.

If you have any suggestions or question for us.Please contact us.
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